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For all my life I've developed ways of absorbing and immersing myself more deeply with the natural world. I'm a trained artist, healer and animal communicator so there's a diverse skill set I bring to all guided experiences. My personal muse is Dartmoor and the free-roaming ponies (and other creatures), the land itself. I encourage others to both see and feel their time amongst nature in new ways and really pay attention to the details. My passion is helping us to experience more connection with animals and the natural world. The maximum number of people I work with at a time is five, this is simply because I know it works best this way. We can be respectful to the ponies, retaining a feeling of intimacy with the land and experiences that unfold. I'm open to working with slightly larger groups when asked.

Photography with Dartmoor's Ponies: Receiving photographs

My experiences with the ponies on Dartmoor have taught me new ways of photographing. This work has involved a powerful shift from the idea of 'taking' to 'receiving' photographs. In this approach there is a space for magic to happen on it's own. It can involve several hours with one herd or half an hour. We move at their pace without the need to take anything. We let them do the talking - we focus on listening. And in this space, we wait for the ponies to share with us. I will fully encourage you to drop into this space.


I will help you to experience ways of respectfully feeling closer to them (and all nature), using techniques I have developed as both an animal intuitive and photographer. This puts the emotion into our work and brings a beautiful feeling and depth that will show in your work. This is a guide to shifting your approach to photography, your ways of seeing, and developing an intimacy with your muse. This can be adapted to working with all animals and nature on the day as well as the ponies. Go with it and let the magic come to you!

Walking Amongst The Ponies: Inviting Connection and Communication

Working around the ponies of Dartmoor brings me so much. They have shown me a stillness I never knew before. Learning how to slow down, to observe them, to listen deeply in a new way to how they are communicating and feeling, teaches me not only about them, but our humanness too. There is much to learn from walking amongst these wild hearts.


I will invite you to shift into a space of receiving all that is around us. Walk amongst the ponies on the land, rest a while, observe them, learn how to listen to your own intuition more, connect with the land as a whole and enjoy nature in a beautifully connected way. Simple experiences bring great change. I will share with you what I know and tailor the day to the individual or group, working intuitively with the ponies, you, and the land as we open out our time. My job is simply to hold the space for this to unfold and to guide you into a deeper communion with the ponies and the land. I will encourage you to trust your own senses and instincts around them. We can make this more about communicating with the ponies, healing with them, walking with them, tuning in with them and also about the experience of being on Dartmoor itself. There is an immense richness of flora and fauna to be found, bird life and many other creatures gracing the land. These are all of fascination and will inevitably weave in and out of the day. 




I love tailoring things for you. My favourite thing is mixing things up and creating the unique. All experiences will be tailored to the individual or group anyway. But if you'd like to focus on something in particular, drop me an email or give me a call. If you'd like to do a whole day on developing your intuitive animal communication skills – great! Pricing is the same whichever experience you choose.

Pricing and times:

I work throughout the year, weather permitting. There is no season that is off limits. If weather does stop our booking, we will re-schedule our session. Most importantly - my very first trip onto Dartmoor was a three hour journey on horseback. During those three hours my life changed course beautifully. The experience was so full and wonderful. Therefore, I know that a three hour slot is powerful. This is why I offer those primarily but you may wish for more! Hence the six hour option.

Three Hour Experiences £85 on-to-one £70 per person thereafter - five in total

Six Hour Experiences/photography guide/overseas visitors - £130 one-to-one, £85 per person thereafter - up to three people in total.

Bring your lunch if six hour day as we tend to wander without realising timings, and snacks/water if it's the three hours. 

Includes tea and cake at the end of our time to chat and reflect. 

listen for yourself
Magical meeting with a sleepy colt - Fi Takács
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Me speaking about a magical morning and meeting with a beautiful colt on the moor this summer - straight after it happened. Trying to film this would have surely broken the spontaneity.  A stand out experience that left me breathless with its simplicity and beauty. These are the kinds of things that can happen at any moment when cultivating stillness and connection. I realise that nothing is ordinary.


"A day out on the moor with Fiona is magic. Dartmoor is a wonderful and fascinating place to explore. Fiona is connected to the land and animals of Dartmoor in such a deep and intuitive way. This place is in her bones and her heart. If you love ponies, nature, and wild, wind-swept expanses, let Fiona guide you through the moor as she knows it, let her introduce you to the ponies of Dartmoor, and let yourself see it through her eyes. It is an experience of a lifetime."  PJK, USA

"I spent several days wandering Dartmoor with Fi in April 2018. Fi has a gentle view of the moors and the animals that live there. Every animal is a special creature - a unique personality to befriend, observe and photograph. Fi doesn’t hesitate to take you to her favorite places, encouraging you to walk a few more steps to see a wonderful view or to greet a special pony. She’s especially solicitous about your comfort with lots of tea and meal breaks too. I’m pretty sure that in addition to seeing all the ponies, I also ate all the scones…! If you’re headed to Dartmoor, I highly recommend booking a day with Fi. Seeing the moors through her eyes is a treat."  Lara JB, USA

"I spent a day with Fiona on beautiful Dartmoor next to Fernworthy Reservoir. At first she encouraged me to explore, she followed me as I became more comfortable and grounded in my surroundings. I learned so much from Fiona in such a short time, we had fun exploring, we tasted pennywort, I climbed into a hollowed out tree and as we did these things I was learning how to connect to the land and to feel part of it. We had conversations that allowed me to open my mind to the natural world and about the conciousness of animals.  By the end of my time with her I felt like I'd connected with my elemental self, she was like an old friend even though I had only met her briefly once before. I really didn't want to leave the Moor or say goodbye to Fiona, I will never forget the immense feeling of freedom that I felt that day, it was magical and I'm so grateful for the experience."   Nickie, UK

"Walking on the moor with Fiona  was inspirational and healing in every sense of the words, her gentle love of the land and connection to the ponies we observed put me immediately at ease. The knowledge she shared inspired me to connect to the Wild herds of Dartmoor in a way I have never experienced before. I came away from my day with Fiona feeling at one with the ponies, at one with the moor and completely at peace with myself. A truly wonderful experience which I am sure will never leave me."  Andrea, UK