animal communication
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animal soul readings

I offer bespoke animal communication sessions as a way of powerfully connecting with your beloved animal friends. These are intuitive readings that are healing within themselves and involve supportive mentoring.

Communicating with animals is healing and surprising. My way of working is to listen through the heart, receiving the information that our animals most want to share. This can be emotional or physical, enlightening and supportive. Animals inevitably share guidance for their guardians as well as what can most help them.


These sessions involve encouraging you to listen to your own heart and tune into your animal. It is an empowering process that can shift your perception of how and why animals communicate with us. Ultimately it can help you get to the crux of what is going on and to generate healing that can be far reaching.

Since 2013 I've deepened and developed my skills as an Animal Communicator.  I've worked with animals in person and remotely, nationally and internationally. I've worked often with animals at their passing, and with animals who have passed over. I've worked with domestic animals and their wilder cousins.

During these sessions, the range of questions we can ask are unlimited. My personal style is to work with healing energies as they appear. This is vital, helping to glean information about an animals physical body and emotions. Information is received in a variety of ways – from pictures, words, thoughts, sounds, tastes and emotions, even film-like sequences as answers to questions. My job is to translate these to you. Read what others have to say...... reviews and testimonials

What I offer:

Personalised sessions that invite understanding and healing between animals and their guardians. I work remotely using a photograph and a small amount of information from you including any questions or focus you have. This is done in the format of a live call/video. Sessions last one hour. 98% of my work is remote. Occasionally I work with animals in person when I have the feeling that is what's most needed or requested. We would agree this prior to the session so please get in touch if this feels essential for you.  Pricing is the same. Outside of a 20 mile radius there would be a charge for travel costs. 

All sessions are bespoke and personalised: 

£120 for one hour

£60 for 30 minutes - these are offered only to animals I have worked with before.

With each session I offer my commitment as a messenger for the animals, receiving the information they most wish to share.

Prices and Booking details.

Please note: if you are at all worried about your animal’s health, do consult a veterinary surgeon. Animal Communication is not a substitute for medical care.