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© Fi Takács

what Earthador offers...

Photography for me, is a conversation happening through the lens. Whatever is being photographed – it's all a conversation. My job really is to listen well and let things unfold. I love this way of working. Focussing on being intuitive and open allows space for beauty to appear. 


I am dedicated to spending regular time with the ponies of Dartmoor as well as photographing domestic animals. Latterly I've begun involving people in my work, as a way of capturing us in our wild essence out in nature. This is equally as magical and the results have been really special! I'm also a sucker for photographing birds, cattle, sheep and other creatures. An integral part of my practise as a Photographer and Animal Communicator is to create a place where images are received rather than taken (see Experiential Tours here). This has taught me a huge amount about how much animals are willing to share with us when given the choice. The same can be said for people too. It's truly a wonderful way of working which feels more like a collaboration and exchange.

Simply, this work is centred around honest, respectful, natural photography without filters. I use very little minimal post-image-manipulation.

My prerequisite is that all photography happens outdoors - without exception. 


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Warmly, Fi 

© Fi Takács