In your words

“Living with animals is a complete joy for me, so when I heard about Fiona’s ability to communicate with them I decided that it would be interesting to hear what my cats, horses and dog may want to share with me about their needs and life.  I was completely blown away by Fiona’s work and her ability to connect and listen to the words that my animals wanted to share with me.  Their wisdom and  knowing was beyond anything I could have imagined.  Their guidance has quite literally changed my life and knowing what they need with regard to supplements hopefully has improved theirs too.  Fiona has a wonderful way of sharing this information and her written words of the sessions means I can go back to the reading again and see how things have changed over time.  I would recommend anyone who loves their animals to have a session with her.”  Sharon C, UK

“Fiona has an incredibly natural and innate ability to communicate with animals. I witnessed this first hand and also in other readings that were shared with me by friends. It was not until October of 2016 that I had the sudden and ‘knowing’ realization that I needed to ask Fiona if she would be happy to do a reading for me with Amadeus. It brings tears to my eyes to even type his name. To ask Fiona to do this for me was no small ask and yet I knew she would treat this with utter love and respect. Amadeus had been gone 14 years…. and yet I had only been able to scatter his ashes in the Summer of 2016. Amadeus was the most incredible horse – he was my soul mate, my friend, my confidante, my life for 13 years. I share this because that is how much I trusted Fiona to reconnect us. I realised very recently that I had very few photographs of him and what Fiona has given me through the reading she did for me is an eternal gift and connection that no one can take away. There are elements of the reading that no one could have known because I had never shared them. What was given to me over and above everything was a deep understanding of why he left so suddenly and it was this I needed closure on. I still had so much grief and anger inside of me that I couldn’t release because I didn’t ever want to let go of him. Fiona’s reading gave me the final permission I needed to let go knowing that he would always be with me. To know what he thought of me and to hear someone reflect back to me the love that we shared is so, so precious. I cant put it into words. The letting go has resulted in my knowing and sensing that he is around me whenever I need to reach out to him. To have in words something that I can go back to over and over again to feel the connection and love we shared is beyond priceless. Fiona is an utter gift to the animal kingdom. Her ability to connect in with and communicate their wisdom and lessons that they are here to teach us is a service to humanity that many may not understand and yet it is so unbelievably necessary at this time if we are to truly respect all living beings and species. Thank you Fiona from me and from Amadeus for giving us a few more precious moments that I would never have had the opportunity to experience…… so much love xxx”  

Nikki K, UK

"Fi Takacs’ communion with the animal world is profound. From wild ponies to fledgling birds and tank-bound angel fish - she engages with them all. Each exchange results in a message, which is carefully relayed by Fi. Whilst communicating with my Welsh Collie Roxy, a concern for my own health emerged. By acknowledging this concern (which proved to be well founded), I was able to make beneficial lifestyle changes and deepen my bond with Roxy. I would recommend Fi to anyone who is open hearted and seeks an honest, respectful relationship with their animal." Lu La B, UK

"I have known Fi for over half of my life, and over the years have witnessed many times, how at ease all of the animals that come into contact with her, feel. Lately, as sometimes happens in life, sad and/or shocking things have happened, one after the other. As always happens, our amazing canine best friend and family member, picked up on it all too. I became too tired, too sad and overwhelmed to find my clarity, and understanding to figure what we needed to do, but he displayed the physical symptoms of what was going on, bless him. As an intuitive healer myself, I could pick up on certain things, but it really helped to hear his voice fully, and clearly, and to hear his messages for us too. It has had a positive impact already, on us all. We are so grateful that we not only know the supplements and dietary additions that he needs, right now, but also the steps we need to take for our own lives, bodies, souls and minds, to become more whole and less fragmented again. It has been like a powerful, but also gently conveyed ‘unearthing’ of the issues, of which some were deeply buried, but also an earthing too, a reminder to trust again. Thank you Fi xx"

Lisa B, UK

"I recently had to leave my two cats with someone they didn’t know as I’m in between homes. I was worried about how they were settling in and that they were desperately unhappy. So I connected with Fi who tuned into them. She bought through very clear information which was so clearly my cats. She knew information that I hadn’t shared with her. She was able to communicate with them and send them healing. The whole process has helped them to settle into where they are living for now and even though I’m not with them I some how felt closer to them. I was even feeling more psychically connected to them. I highly recommend Fi’s services and I’m truly grateful to her for her part in settling my cats.“  Layla M, UK

"I was gifted my first animal communication session with Fiona just after I had chosen to rescue a big dog from Spain. Grace was terrified of everything and everyone and I had no idea what had happened to her or what to do.she was so shut down but knew she was safe. The session was incredibly helpful for me and Grace, healing began instantly. I have had a reading once a year since. This year Grace tells me her heart is almost healed, she loves living in Devon and feels more grounded here. The sessions are both practical and intuitive and I know without Fiona’s help we would not have been able to move forward the way we have." Lynda K, UK

“I learned about Fiona and her gift from a friend. She told me that Fiona can talk to animals and lead these conversations even when they are no longer alive. I was very impressed , but still did not know that very soon I myself would need the help of Fiona. At home we had a cat. Our Fina. We found her with my kids on the street when she was only one month old. The children adored her. She was their dream come true. One day Fina disappeared. We searched for her every day, but we did not find her. Then I called Fiona for the first time. She tried to connect with Fina and to tell her to return home, but there was no answer from the cat. The same day, later on, Fina came back! It was a great joy for us, but unfortunately the kitten died soon after as she had very bad injuries. It was a shock for the children, they suffered a lot. I also felt terribly guilty that I was not able to help her. Then I asked Fiona to contact her and tell her how we feel, how much we love her, how much we miss her. We received an incredible response!! It was so real, so true, with so many details of the life of the kitten – from its habits and preferences, to the games with the children, and of our relationship to her, how she felt . The most important thing for me was that letter brought comfort to our home and it showed us how really wise and understanding animals are. I am grateful to Fiona about the understanding and the support refer to us at that time. I am grateful that helped us have such communication with Fina as we could not have without Fiona’s help and this brought us comfort and consolation.”  Blaga D, Bulgaria

"Fi has been out a few times now to see my pony. Fi is approachable, honest, calm around the animals and has a real gift. Every time Fi has visited us, Peggy has been able to speak through Fi, and I have been able to then better understand Peggy’s needs and wishes . I always feel a much closer bond with my pony after each visit, and seeing Fi communicate with Peggy enables me to provide Peggy with the things she asks for, whether that may be supplements, tack changes or changes in day to day routines. I also find out a lot about myself as well ! I shall be using Fi as my animal communicator for the foreseeable future and recommend her amazing services to you all!"  Roselle B, UK

“I have a beautiful sphinx cat who had lost his spirit… he was broken! His big eyes were empty, full of sadness. His ears listened to nothing, he had no taste for food, and he had no interest for adventure. Each day for me was a blessing that he was still in existence. His heart was broken and so was mine to watch him fall apart. One day I contacted Fiona and she agreed to come visit him. I was so excited, but very nervous, as soon as Fiona sat down he instantly went to her I left them peace to communicate –  my mind was doing overtime so desperately wanting answers. Fiona explained to me that he didn't understand why my partner had left and that I had forgotten to do the things he enjoyed the most which was going for walks outside, he said he also missed me holding him  in my arms… He was right – after my partner had left he got so depressed I put all my energy into trying to get him to eat again. We had both lost our way. His depression got so bad he stopped eating and playing – he was being sick as well as having fits. We spent so much time at the vets running tests but hitting a brick wall every time, when all he needed was to understand what had happened. After Fiona left he instantly jumped up on the side and went to eat his food unaided. I could not believe what I was seeing. From that day on, he’s eating every meal, the sickness has stopped as well as the fits. I can now see the fire in his eyes, his ears pinned forward to hunt, his nose twitching for the next meal and his mouth letting out loud noises to acknowledge his existence. We cannot thank you enough our journey has been leaps and bounds ever since.”   Stacey M, UK

"I was pretty blown away the first time Fi worked with my dog. So much so we have had a second session a year later. Both times it was delightful, so much insight. My dog is not vet friendly and sometimes you just want to know what is really going on with your beloved pet. Fi brought so much clarity through. The communication that she had, delivered wonderful explanations as to my dogs behaviour and how I can support her wellbeing also adding some funny requests from my dog , Steak really !! After each session my dog was so much more settled, as if she really enjoyed being heard. Fi has a wonderful gift, and her gentle open hearted way of being is truly awesome. If you want to put your trust in someone to connect with your pet, with no hesitation, I would highly recommend Fi." Yvonne B & Millie, UK