About Fi


I have many happy memories spent on trips to the wilds of Scotland and Europe, latterly central Europe - these places opened my eyes to nature from day one. I feel immense gratitude for this beginning in life and the grounding and appreciation it has given me for our Earth. Since 2012, that connection has sky-rocketed. Initially when I first learnt about Animal Communication, and then becoming an Animal Communicator myself. This links seamlessly with my creative background and training. I have a degree in Fine Art, former training as a Reflexologist, Healer and Animal Soul Healing. My skill-set is diverse and interwoven. 


In 2002 I spent several months living in remote, rural Hungary - an experience that remains formative to this day. It was then that I began to tune into non-verbal communication and trust my senses much more. This ability to listen beyond words is now at the centre of all the work I do.

"I believe you have a powerful material to convince others about the importance of saving wilderness and all its creatures. You have definitely convinced me, a person who had never had a significant experience with a single horse, who had never stopped, even for a second to think about horses....I am the one who has to thank you for opening my eyes and heart to the wilderness. You gained support from me, I gained a whole new perspective on life from you. I have started talking about wild horses and wilderness with family and friends and they all listen carefully. It's so great to be able to think about how things are all connected! " Claudia M, Brazil 

I live on the very edge of Dartmoor whose wild beauty continues to be a vessel for great change, wisdom and connection. I'm passionate about the free-roaming ponies here and this landscape as a whole. The nature of my work is holistic, educational and infused with inspiration from our Earth. 


I focus my energies on working with the natural world, using all these skills together. This gives something unique whether you come to me for Animal CommunicationPhotography or Experiential Tours