To make a booking time please email Fi at 

Or call 07508 365360 if in UK

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Session rates:

60 minute communication session £85


1.5 Hours communication session £110

All sessions payable in advance please

International clients are most welcome.  

Shorter sessions may be available, please enquire. 


Missing animals - please note: these are very complex cases and they are much more difficult to gage accurately as animals move around a lot when they are out of their home territories. There are multiple reasons why our animal friends may go missing. These are the most complicated of all communications to have and there are no guarantees that your animal will be found. However, there can be surprising successes too. 


I am very careful about taking on these cases and would need to speak with you first before any agreement is made. 

I am fully insured and a member of the SWA following their code of conduct. 

Please note: if you are at all worried about your animal’s health, do consult a veterinary surgeon. Animal Communication is not a substitute for medical care.